EPSCoR - Montana NSF

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Major Accomplishments and Impacts

  • Montana NSF EPSCoR funding has helped to revolutionize the science and engineering programs in the Montana University System, forming one of the nation’s leading research and educational systems in the Pacific Northwest

  • Montana’s EPSCoR program has significantly contributed to realigning the Montana University System towards a more technology-based economy through its efforts in biotechnology, information technology, and advanced materials

  • EPSCoR has played a key role in establishing Montana as one of the national leaders in biomedical and health related issues, nanotechnology, and the study of life in extreme environments

  • Montana EPSCoR has become a national model for the integration of economic development with university-based research and education

  • The Montana EPSCoR program has developed science and engineering programs that are both nationally significant and regionally relevant


  • 87 new tenure-track faculty hired into the Montana University System

  • 6 new faculty at Montana’s tribal colleges

  • 1,326 undergraduate researchers supported

  • 232 PhD graduate student stipends awarded

  • 820 invited seminar speakers hosted

  • 286 students funded through diversity and minority programs

  • 106 Phase 0 and 1.5 proposals awarded