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Dr. John McCutcheon
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EPSCoR New Faculty Hire

Dr. John McCutcheon arrived on The University of Montana campus in August 2010 as an EPSCoR new faculty hire in the Division of Biological Science. He is an Assistant Professor studying the evolution of genetic and metabolic interactions between microbial symbionts and their hosts inside animal cells. These associations are ancient, with some examples going back at least 270 million years. This evolutionary stability has dramatic effects on its members. In particular, some of these intracellular symbionts have the smallest cellular genomes known; blurring the boundary between autonomous bacterial life and cellular organelles, such as mitochondria. The co-evolution of hydrogen-transforming metabolic processes between microbial symbionts and their host cells may provide insights into the pathways now used by mitochondria in the biochemical processing of hydrogen via NADH dehydrogenase and ATP synthase. The McCutcheon lab will take a diverse approach to further understanding these metabolic, hydrogen–dependent interactions using tools from genomics, bioinformatics, and biochemistry. Dr. McCutcheon has a great website that further describes his work as well has his enthusiasm for his new home in Montana.

Visit Dr. John McCutcheon's website.