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Graduate students are the future generations of scientists. Through stipends for PhD or Masters degrees EPSCoR students in the MUS and, who are currently studying in one of the project’s research focus areas (INSTEP 2), are given an opportunity to fully concentrate on their research questions. These students are identified by department, graduate fellowship program or through a Call for Proposal competition. Since 2001, Montana EPSCoR has supported over 232 graduate students. Beyond their research topics, EPSCoR awardees are expected to participate in other programs, conferences, and outreach opportunities.

Scholarship Opportunity

The Pat Williams Scholarship for both undergraduate and graduate students or contact Deena Mansour

Information about graduate studies at either of Montana’s research universities can be found at:

The University of Montana website http://life.umt.edu/grad/

Montana State University website http://www.montana.edu/wwwdg/

EPSCoR logos, how to cite EPSCoR support, and ethics training materials, among other information can be found on the FORMS page.