EPSCoR - Montana NSF

tribal college photo circle photo

Montana has seven tribal colleges, all extensively involved with NSF EPSCoR projects INSTEP (Track-1) and VOEIS (Track-2). Tribal college faculty are also actively participating in various MT NSF EPSCoR conferences and meetings, engaging in discussions and conversation centering around their research, which in turn is facilitating the exchange of ideas on current and future collaborative projects.

Under INSTEP, tribal college partnerships and collaborations are strongly cultivated and have been expanding within the Large River Ecosystems (LRE) research focus area. These colleges are conducting research that is specific and relevant to their schools, unique to their communities and involve undergraduate students. Projects within VOEIS are being developed through a cyberinfrastructure plan that facilitates outreach to the tribal colleges installing meteorological and water quality monitoring systems (RiverNET) on the Montana Native American Reservations’ rivers. A second project is the exchange of Montana tribal college students and the students from the Appalachian counties of Kentucky that is expanding their expertise in sensor development, deployment, and system simulation.