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VOEIS Annual Meeting
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The 1st Annual Meeting of the NSF-EPSCoR sponsored Track 2 collaboration between Montana and Kentucky was held August 29-31, 2010, marking the end of year 1 of the project. The Virtual Observatory and Ecological Informatics System project to develop an end-to-end [Field Sensors to Streaming Data to Database Management to Dynamic Models to 3D Visualization] cyberinfrastructure system in freshwater ecology is well underway. Faculty, students, technicians, administrative support staff, our NSF Program Officer, and our External Project Assessor totaling 41 people met for 2 days along the shores of Flathead Lake in western Montana at Flathead Lake Biological Station to discuss progress, compare challenges and research approaches, and set protocols for addressing data management and access. These are summarized in a summary list of Researcher Interests and Needs. Presentations communicating these issues between and among the various project components can be reviewed by examining the presentations below. This meeting proved to be vitally important to making person face-to-face contact and getting small groups together to focus on specific problems and solutions. The 2nd Annual Meeting is to be held at Hancock Biological Station on Kentucky Lake in August or September, 2011.

Presented Papers

David White/Susan Hendricks, James Irvine, Bob Madsen, Cindy Harnett, Matt Williamson, Don Schenk, Gwen Jacobs/Clem Izurieta, Terry McLaren, Nathan Jacobs, Jim Griffioen, Stephanie Jenkins/Kathryn Watkins

Meeting Agenda