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INSTEP 2 (2007-2011)

Infrastructure via Science and Technology Enhanced Partnerships II

This project is focused on two research areas: Hydrogen and the Environment (HE) and Large River Ecosystems (LRE) with a third sub-project enhancing Cyberinfrastructure across the Montana University System campuses. Funding from the National Science Foundation EPSCoR program totals $10.5M over 4 years.

Track 2


Virtual Observatory & Ecological Informatics System

The Montana-Kentucky collaborative research project (VOEIS) was awarded ARRA funding ($3.0M/state) to develop an integrated sensor and ecological informatics system through the use of modern cyberinfrastructure resources.

VOEIS (Track–2) Kentucky VOEIS Site

C 2


Montana Northern Tier Network

With cyberinfrastructure ARRA stimulus funding ($1.17M over 2 years), the goal of this project is to extend the research capability of the Montana University Systems’ newly activated, owned-fiber network, the Montana Northern Tier Network (MT-NTN) to three strategic locations in Montana–Billings, Miles City and Ronan.