EPSCoR - Montana NSF

INSTEP 2 (2007-2011)
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The Montana NSF EPSCoR Program is a partnership between Montana’s research universities, Montana State University and The University of Montana, as well as Montana Tech (non-PhD granting research university) and Montana’s seven tribal colleges. Under this award, Infrastructure via Science and Technology Enhanced Partnerships II, Montana EPSCoR is focusing on increasing research competitiveness in two targeted research areas: Hydrogen and the Environment (HE) and Large River Ecosystems (LRE) and one support area, Cyberinfrastructure. HE builds on the expertise of researchers in the Montana University System who study hydrogen metabolizing mechanisms in nature with the mission of applying their understanding to the development of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. LRE is building partnerships in the state and region to examine the range of processes affecting large rivers and their ecosystems and restoration techniques and efforts.