EPSCoR - Montana NSF

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Hiring of 9 professionals/technicians; 2 graduate students; 2 web/public relations personnel; 1 visiting scholar

95% complete

Purchasing of equipment: Lake Sensor Array, NTSG 10Gb router and switches, Mobil RiverNET, FLBS Server/WLAN, Watershed Station Arrays, Tribal Colleges Sensor Arrays, HIS Server, and various other relevant informatics software systems as well as additional materials and supplies to support the activities of the project

80% complete

Development and installation of data-streaming and sensor networks in remote field settings using wireless or satellite routing to monitor ecological metrics in real-time

50% complete

Development and installation of an informatics system with capacity to script and organize data for efficient dissemination and integration into simulation models, and display of data products

65% complete

Integration into the VOEIS a framework for conceptualization and workflow

50% complete

Utility of the VOEIS among the ecological research community through publications and web-based sharing of data and data products

30% complete

The development of a small group of graduate and undergraduate students through the project that will be exposed to unique opportunities in development and implementation of cyber-enabled research, specifically targeting involvement of underrepresented populations in STEM.

80% complete

Development of a K-12 program (web-based, outreach material, and education events) to expose younger students to cyber-enabled research and watershed science through collaboration with the Montana Water Center and local partners for increased ecological literacy

60% complete

PI and other leadership activities that do not fit the above milestones

75% complete